🛍️ SURPRISING HOW MANY USES 🛍️ Drop handle gift baskets from Pop-it-in-a-Pelican. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Find one perfect for your home and gift giving! Perfect for birthdays, christenings, baby showers, weddings or just cheering up a friend.
✅ STRONG & HAND MADE ✅ 100% willow stems will last longer. Strong Hand woven wicker construction. These are light too and look great in your home. Use a Quality basket from Pop-it-in-a-Pelican. We pride ourselves on using the best materials. For gorgeous and handy storage solutions!
❇️ CONVENIENT, MODERN AND EASY TO USE ❇️ Our wicker storage is designed to fit the modern household. Easy to tuck away in corners, wardrobes, lofts, YET pretty enough to be out on display. In bedrooms, bathrooms or your kitchen. Perfect for keeping, towels, shoes, toys, product or knitting accessible & clean!

Pop-it-in-a-pelican Wicker lined basket with drop handles. Empty storage Great for Gifts, Christening, parties, wedding or baby shower

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