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It can be overwhelming to find functional storage in your home. In addition, storing your laundry, bathroom garbage, and house garbage can be a headache. Luckly, wicker baskets can solve all those issues. There are thousands of wicker baskets you can choose from to give you additional storage space and assist you with transporting laundry.

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30 Favorite Wicker Baskets


Storage Baskets

Every wicker basket can be used for storage along with other functions, however not every wicker storage basket will be as useful based on size and durability. Usually storage baskets are square, but they can be round as well. You should look for larger basket sizes if you need more storage. Consider storage baskets with lids for a cleaner look in your home .lastly, wicker baskets with handles can be useful if you need to move your storage basket.



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Laundry Baskets

Wicker laundry basket are slightly sleeker and taller than storage baskets these baskets can also come with lid and handle, depending on your needs.Your laundry is safely and stylishly stored in these baskets for when you are ready to do your washing, sizes can be chosen according to your needs.



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Wicker Baskets

Larger wicker baskets come with distinct size and can be custom-made Aswell. You can find larger wicker baskets in the market; they can be horizontally.They can be extremely useful, because wicker materials are sturdy, they last longer than just any basket.



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Wicker Baskets

Wicker small baskets are available in small sizes, they are stunningly beautiful and aesthetically appealing. Small wicker basket comes with different variety of shapes and designs. They can be use as bed for indoor plants containers or as a showpiece holder. Because they are 100%natural and durable, it can be use anywhere.



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Picnic Baskets

Wicker picnic basket are one of the most popular wicker products, comes with flappable lids and a strong and conveniently big handle. Wicker picnic baskets are spacious, and they have special constructions inside to keep your spoons, forks, plates, cups in a secured manner. cleaning wicker picnic basket are simple and easy.



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Baskets with Lids

Creating well-designed baskets and corresponding lids has been a lifelong occupation for wicker craftsmen. Wicker basket with lids allow you to keep your things away from the sight of visitors in your home. So, you have always some flawless models available in the market.



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Wicker Baskets

Round wicker basket can be round in an amazing range of variety’s can be a few feet high and additional features such as handles, and lids are available.



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Wicker Baskets

White wicker basket can add texture and beauty to your home. They can be use as storage, especially when you are using couple of baskets. This white wicker basket can be painted by using spray paints.



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Wicker Baskets

Just like white wicker basket, it can also be found in black color, they are stunning, yet useful. This basket can be found in may number of shapes and designs. You can also paint them with spray paints.



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Wicker Baskets

Brown wicker baskets have a timeless classic appeal of being a natural and unpretentious product.For brown wicker basket, you may have to choose just any wicker basket in the market-they are all brown. You can find different shades of brown.



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Baskets with Handles

Handles are important for wicker baskets to be functional and useful. Wicker craftspeople have developed a range of styles of handles for wicker baskets, you can find wicker baskets with handles in many convenient and attractive designs and models. Have a look at the handles that wicker baskets have. If you do not find something matching your choice, you can ask the craftsman to create a handle you want.



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Baskets for Plants

Use wicker baskets to make your plant look happy and beautiful by given them attention.Wicker baskets can be used to give your indoor plants a beautiful home. You can use your imagination and the versatility of wicker baskets to decorate your home in a unique way. Use wicker baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any plant or tree.



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